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Frugal Living Ideas

Frugal Living Ideas

Gone are the days when most of us have the money, which we gladly spent. Today we are all trying to tighten our belts and learn to close, lean in order to live frugally. The word "frugal" seems to be winning is unsatisfied with the picture of hunger and poverty, but neednt. In fact, the cost of living mean a better life for less money.

A good place to cut food. Did you know that the average American consumes to eat at least $ 2,000 per year? A good tip is to go to live frugally, of course, less money in restaurants, but it does not mean starvation. Let us look the reasons why we decided to eat:

We want to eat because the food we prepared for us

We love the atmosphere of a restaurant, and the company of others


This could change the situation and "eats" the most popular. Why not invite friends home kitchen. You can create an environment at home, a beautifully set table, soft lighting and scented candles and flowers. Do you have something special and easy. You, your friends can, for example once a month for return, and that the food and look at us.

Another good idea is a living, frugal food, food to take to work or school. May nutritious food choices quickly and economically without the shadow of a doubt.

Here are some ideas for an adult meal size:

Flat Pack your box of meat wrapped in slices of your favorite meat. Ham, chorizo, Spanish, maybe a little "Serrano ham or tenderloin, although you will find a small bowl, then add the cucumber, mustard and bread, all other grains.

Make a simple wrapped in rice paper kev├Ątrullia, Roman salad, julienne carrots and daikon, grilled tofu (or cooked shrimp, if you the ability to have cool room) and the mint and basil. Prepare the peanut sauce you dip into the container.

Packaging in the Middle East cuisine: here a small container of hummus and baba ghanouj, grilled pita a little cumin, a container of tomatoes and cucumbers, olives and marinated well.

For bagel cut in slices, packet, including fees for the dough does not get wet container cottage cheese (mixed with chopped chives and black pepper, coriander and capers), sliced ​​red onion and cucumber, salmon and some smoked salmon

Enter a tray of cheese Snack: Wrap a piece of a three favorite cheeses - manchego, goat cheese, smoked gouda, maybe, maybe not so safe, blue - then add half the bread, apples, pears and a handful of Marcona almonds. Make cheese knife.

The idea, pasta salad # 1: The Lepidoptera, half cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, parsley, basil and toasted pine nuts.

You can still have fun and enjoy your meal if you accept the frugal lifestyle

I have my own catering company in Spain, and I found the work leaves much to the economic crisis in the world. I had to accept the frugal life, just because it has the same income as before.

Some tips for saving human life is cheaper to buy and eat to your own cards and gifts for family and friends, more dresses in different areas, or the clothes you make jam, find jelly, jam, free or cheap entertainment, more running and save on gas.


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